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Fake Calls app for iPhone and iPad

4.5 ( 285 ratings )
Utilities Entertainment
Developer: Magic Tap
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 27 Oct 2008
App size: 3.33 Mb

* Apples TOP 4 utility of 2008!!!
* TIME Magazine TOP 10 Coolest iPhone App of the year!!!

*** VERSION 1.2 is available now ***

Simulate calls with this great application! Have you ever been in the situation where you need the perfect excuse to get out of the room or step out of an annoying conversation? Easy: Open FakeCalls and within seconds or minutes the application will simulate a fake call. (No real calls are made; this is just simulation. Good news is: you are the only one who knows that!). Then answer the call, decline it or just let the phone ring to fake a missed call. will donate 10% of the earnings to charity... so thanks for supporting our cause! Mi Sangre Foundation ( has been the selected charity for this purpose. Visit the donations section on the site to see updates and news about this.

Features and settings:
- Customize caller name or number
- Time to receive the call
- Vibration
- Select Wallpaper
- Receive multiple calls after declining
- Get missing calls
- Proximity sensor
- Realistict transitions
- 25 ringtones to choose from
- Multiple languages (Contact us if you want to help translating to your language)
- Select caller picture
- Select fake caller from you Contacts

Settings are now much easier to access but we are keeping the application simple so the fake call activation is really just one click.


What everybody is talking:

"You have to hand it to Magic Tap for developing an app that is novel and useful, although you have to wonder if Fake Calls will end up being the perfect excuse or a source of never-ending paranoia on blind dates."

"This is a cheap price to pay for a little bit of security in knowing you will be able to skillfully bow out of any meeting."

"The app costs $1 — a sound investment to me. I just gave it a test, and I can see it coming in handy on a weekly basis."

Pros and cons of Fake Calls app for iPhone and iPad

Fake Calls app good for

Does what it says, anybody who gives this a low rating ahs no reason for it, i gave it 4 starts because when it goes to the slide to unlock the white light doesnt move and mines jailbroken so it says slide to unlock, insteade of my name still, great app:)
If this app could have more ringtones, and the unlock slider was animated, this would be the perfect fake call app.
... But u what would be a cool update to think about? Make a dialer so u can dial out Fake Calls :)
Please animate the slider to make it more realistic then it would be the perfect app in my book!!!! A few more ringtones would me nice too!
This app is awesome however in your next update you should change that part when you slide the slider and the black screen shows up. Instead of a black screen you should let us choose a photo.
Needs 2 things more for a 5 star review: 1. a timer to set when you want the calls. 2. Custom ringtones. Add this and this will be the best app!

Some bad moments

All this does is go to the unlock thing and all it does is an imlown caller rings. If I accept the call I get a bunch of options like speaker,add to contacts e.t.c but they dont work. If I decline the fake call my screen fades black and all I can do is exit the program. Can someone help explain what the problem is?
It was a cool app while it lasted. Its a great idea but needs major work. Even now that its 99 cents and not free. Probably being a little harsh but I am not attracted to the fact that.. It doesnt have the best of settings -1 star. After 2 days of no problems, now crashes at random and I never even touched my phone this weekend.. -1 stAr. And now its still to me a beta buggy program -1 star. Come on I know you can do better!
Hahaha exactly what is needed during those certain situations that u need to get bailed out of
Not looking like an iOS 7. Outdated. Even fake LVs are up on fashion!
Doesnt work. Piece of crap, waist of good money, folks! This is false advertising stuffed full of fake reviews. That star I gave it is only because youre forced to have at least one. This is worth zero stars.
Absolutely disappointed the Fake Call app for sprint is muuuuchh better. You cannot even assign your downloaded ringtones. They are all the standard ones that come with the phone. You also cannot set the phone to sleep mode, etc. The sprint aoo has the iphone beat in this department. They have way more options to choose from. I want a refund.