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Does not work

I used this app and nothing I tried to click worked. Very frustrating and disappointing.

Wont work

Scam, wont let me do anything! Literally I can only open it.

Rip off!!

Doesnt work. Do not buy


I want a refund DONT BUY IT


Please update this app for the newer phone models! Ive been using the app for years. With my newer phone I cannot change any of my settings. Its very frustrating because this app has come in handy many times in the past.


Simply will not open. Forget it...

Doesnt work

Doesnt fit the screen and doesnt respond. Deleted it.

I bought this app



Doesnt work. Piece of crap, waist of good money, folks! This is false advertising stuffed full of fake reviews. That star I gave it is only because youre forced to have at least one. This is worth zero stars.


Not looking like an iOS 7. Outdated. Even fake LVs are up on fashion!

Better than last version

It is good to have a lot more ringtones, but the app really needs to let us use our own ringtones, so that the fake call will sound just like a real call that those around us may have heard before. P.S. Almost four years later now and still no ability to select our own ringtones. I guess that just wont be provided. Time to try another app with that option.


I thought I was going to be able to record something to make It sound like a real phone call but I couldnt and my iPod has to be on like the screen has to be lit up for it to ring.

Waste of MONEY

Keeps crashing when I try to pick a photo, and needs so much improvements


Ever since the new update ios 5 it quit ringing!!! cant make a fake incoming call because there is no sound plus crashes alot and cannot scroll on choosing my picture library! Needs an UPDATE ASAP!!!!!!!!

Doesnt Work

This app used to work great, but it seems that the app was never updated to work properly with iOS 5. Ever since I installed iOS 5 the app quit working, fake calls dont ring, cant select a picture anymore.


Could not call anyone after the settings


Doesnt work. Screen comes up but no sound. I wrote to the creator but they never responded. RIPOFF!

Santa is calling!

Great for keeping this kids in line.


Hey fix this app its not working, Its a piece of crap!

Get this App

This is a great app! Well worth the $1 price. So helpful to get you out of a conversation or situation that you dont want to be in!

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