Fake Calls App Reviews

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Pas mal le fake

Franchement bien trouver le fake call cest un régale lol

Very Good,

But in German it is "Entriegeln", not "Entriegln".

No Language Settings

This is a mess, the automatic language-setting to the iphone system-language is not working. 3G 16G/German

Nice but,

Need to be able to adjust ringtone and use custom ringtones.

Good for jokes

Nice app. Just needs a ringtone chooser.


Does what it says, anybody who gives this a low rating ahs no reason for it, i gave it 4 starts because when it goes to the slide to unlock the white light doesnt move and mines jailbroken so it says slide to unlock, insteade of my name still, great app:)

Ringtone selector needed

Good but needs a ringtone selector badly


If this app could have more ringtones, and the unlock slider was animated, this would be the perfect fake call app.


... But u what would be a cool update to think about? Make a dialer so u can dial out fake calls :)

Bad date

Another application of this great idea :-)

Simply Great!!!

Please animate the slider to make it more realistic then it would be the perfect app in my book!!!! A few more ringtones would me nice too!

I love it!!!

This app is awesome however in your next update you should change that part when you slide the slider and the black screen shows up. Instead of a black screen you should let us choose a photo.

Pretty gooood!

Needs 2 things more for a 5 star review: 1. a timer to set when you want the calls. 2. Custom ringtones. Add this and this will be the best app!

It doesnt do much

All this does is go to the unlock thing and all it does is an imlown caller rings. If I accept the call I get a bunch of options like speaker,add to contacts e.t.c but they dont work. If I decline the fake call my screen fades black and all I can do is exit the program. Can someone help explain what the problem is?

Its just so crazy

Its the best app I saw so far its amazing its the best excuse to run out of a meeting one those that just dont end u just click on the app and 30 seconds later your out the door believe or not guts great job nowcyou got 4/12 stars bc u beef to put more ring tone and of u can make on option or acsetting that I can set it when to go off for example in 15 min. Someone should call get it!! And also this might fe tuff but in case your friend answers ur phone make like a fake voice tfat says hello are u coming etc.. And can u make a caller Id cone up when it rings any name besides for Jhon smith age name maybe just first name like Steve is calling or home it should be one of the parts when you set what time it should ring make that also please e.g. Jack Id going to call in 25 min. But besides for that keepvit up c


This is great but I agree you should have a timer to set off a call in say 15 minutes like in aprevious review. Its a great app though obviously worth the download.


Usefull application!!! :)

Needs some tweaks

Good app but I think you should be able to put the ringers from your phone and create more than one caller which the app chooses at random

Needs work

It was a cool app while it lasted. Its a great idea but needs major work. Even now that its 99 cents and not free. Probably being a little harsh but I am not attracted to the fact that.. It doesnt have the best of settings -1 star. After 2 days of no problems, now crashes at random and I never even touched my phone this weekend.. -1 stAr. And now its still to me a beta buggy program -1 star. Come on I know you can do better!


If u can give the option to choose our own rington.

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